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Second Best in Eco Beauty : Like Dara, We Try Harder!

A thank you kindly to the folks at for rating us second overall out  of all the eco-beauty sites and first overall for most informative! At Beautorium, we try to educate and inform without overwhelming. We think Sprig’s article  picked up our positioning perfectly.   We also applaud all our competitors on their various placements. Plus, you […]

Green is Where the Growth Is

Green beauty is growing at about 12%– almost 5x faster than conventional beauty care– which explains why companies big and small are getting into it! Over 500 new green beauty brands have launched in the last 2 years.With great growth comes great responsibility- and unfortunately, all green products are not created equal! There is no […]

Palin By Comparison

Hello all, In a week where la Palina topped every poll imaginable, and then some, we are left wondering how we can legitimately work her name into our title. Suddenly we see: she’s over 40 and therefore fair fodder for this week’s topic — chosen well before Palin took the floor…Anti-aging! Perfect! Politics is so often stressful, […]

Grateful, Green and “Standing For A Cure”,

  Here is “My (Wo)Man Mo”‘s report on the concert. She wanted  to send it yesterday BUT was in a car crash in Conn instead! Happily, she is fine – the car, less so.   “What a night!!  Got to Madison Square Garden for the Dave Matthews Stand Up For A Cure concert and ‘people watched’ for a […]

Stand Up for A Cure /Celebrity Green Beauty Guide

We are definately going ahead with our 10% donation of September sales to Stand Up for A Cure, and have sent out notice to our blogger friends– huge thanks to those who posted it! (, flawlessbeautyblog, beautycounterblogspot and hellobeautiful so far) .  You can see the whole info on the promotion here: The Dave Matthews Band concert is tonight- […]

Baby and Belly month at beautorium!


Beautorium A Sponsor of Dave Matthews Band Benefit

Beautorium is “chuffed” (that’s Brit-speak for “excited”)  to have been selected to sponsor the VIP gift bags for the Dave Matthews Band “Stand Up for the Cure” benefit concert at Madison Square Garden next Wednesday, Sept 10th. The show is hosted by Julia Roberts and Samantha Ronson is DJ-ing the pre-party. The event producers contacted […]