Stand Up for A Cure /Celebrity Green Beauty Guide

We are definately going ahead with our 10% donation of September sales to Stand Up for A Cure, and have sent out notice to our blogger friends– huge thanks to those who posted it! (, flawlessbeautyblog, beautycounterblogspot and hellobeautiful so far) .  You can see the whole info on the promotion here:

The Dave Matthews Band concert is tonight- how exciting! Brad is going. Julia is going. I’m not able to go. So I’m sending my oldest friend, Mo. I have known her since nursery school. She’s going to give me a full report. Maybe I’ll post it here.

Meanwhile, for those who really enjoy the celeb stuff, and let’s face it, that would be most of us, here’s some more info on who uses what. Its not complete by any means. Just a start. But as ever, celebs are often green beauty early adopters and have the pull to help make a brand chic. I’ve concentrated on some of the brands we stock:


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