Grateful, Green and “Standing For A Cure”,


Here is “My (Wo)Man Mo”‘s report on the concert. She wanted  to send it yesterday BUT was in a car crash in Conn instead! Happily, she is fine – the car, less so.

“What a night!!  Got to Madison Square Garden for the Dave Matthews Stand Up For A Cure concert and ‘people watched’ for a while….Beautorium bags EVERYWHERE!!!!  Talked to some very cool guests…so fun to walk up to people and say…’This is my oldest friend’s new AMAZING GREEN COMPANY…check out the amazing products!!!!’…and I actually pawed through some bags with happy, cooperative VIPS while Hal took pix…(will send those shortly…so fun!!)….New Yorkers are more open, spontaneous and generous than the world knows!!….then, closer to 9:00, celebs were sliding in…we saw lots…(I won’t tell all)…..but, more Beautorium bags!!!! …nothing says ‘Green Chic Elegant’ like Beautorium Burlap, and they wore it well…green ‘sash-shaying’  as Hal put it….– love it !!!! 
Julia Roberts gave Dave, and the Cure , a really inspiring intro…the entire Garden was on it’s feet… ‘standing for a Cure.’ Then, Dave…well, it got hot quickly — and stayed that way. His soulful, jazz-erotic rock style is the only ‘product’ that makes my cheeks as rosy as that Pangea Japanese mask…..(which I used in my soaking tub this morning after getting home late, happy and tired from a fabulous night!!)
So, what event in the city may I next represent you at..??????
Grateful, Green and ‘Standing For A Cure’,
XX Mo”
 You will notice she talks about the Japanese Matcha tea and Goji Berry Mask from Pangea.
Quite the all-singing, all-dancing “cure” for any skin issues you may be experiencing In fact, a few months ago Mo ordered some and spontaneously sent this review:
“The Pangea Organics Japanese Facial Mask with Goji Berry is hands down, the single most amazing cosmetic product I have ever used. I have mature, sensitive skin with Roseacea and capillary issues. This stuff really does: exfoliate, moisturize, soothe, make glowing….in a way I’ve never experienced. I’ve used every skin line in the universe (including some European lines that require a bank transfer…) and nothing is like this stuff. “

 Remember, we are giving 10% of all sales this month to “Stand Up for A Cure”, so Happy Shopping!


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