Palin By Comparison

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In a week where la Palina topped every poll imaginable, and then some, we are left wondering how we can legitimately work her name into our title. Suddenly we see: she’s over 40 and therefore fair fodder for this week’s topic — chosen well before Palin took the floor…Anti-aging! Perfect!

Politics is so often stressful, as  candidates are constantly forced to take stands for and against- it must be tough on skin…why not take a united stand against wrinkles and rosacea?  Surely Sarah can relate to that. And we’ll do so naturally, without resorting to killing wildlife.

So, although squalane, one of this weeks top natural anti-aging busters, can come from shark liver– or was that barracuda?– the good news is it can also come from good old democratic olives. To find out more about reducing wrinkes naturally,  check out the guide below and visit oil, gas, moose and barracuda -free beautorium! 



Mature Skin, Antiaging...Palin's wrinkle reducers

Mature Skin, Antiaging...Palin


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    good stuff !

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