Green is Where the Growth Is

Green beauty is growing at about 12%– almost 5x faster than conventional beauty care– which explains why companies big and small are getting into it!
Over 500 new green beauty brands have launched in the last 2 years.With great growth comes great responsibility- and unfortunately, all green products are not created equal! There is no regulation of labeling and ingredient claims in this country– so anyone can put organic and natural on the label, even if the product inside is neither, and contains only a sprinkling of natural this organic that.
If you’re in doubt- just grab anything in your bathroom labeled natural, herbal, botanical- and do the label test! Look at the label claim and then read the ingredients- chances are the label says natural but the first ingredients (and therefore the most prevalent) will be chemical!
That’s where 3rd party seals and certifications come in. It’s like having an expert endorse that what is on the labeling is actually in the product, and that it meets certain ingredient and processing standards. It helps consumers be confident that someone knowledgeable has checked things out so that you can trust what the manufacturer is saying. At Beautorium, we like to have brands that are certified so that consumers can be confident of their choices.
But the number of seals and what they stand for can be confusing- there are three in this country (USDA, OASIS, NPA) and several internationally (BDIH, ECO-CERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION). That’s why we offer a simple chart so you can get a quick overview.
There are many other examples where third party certifications and endorsements can play a vital role in instilling consumer confidence- think Good Housekeeping seal, American Dental Association endorsement- or even Oprah!

Studies show that up to 40% of consumers are interested in more natural alternatives and that 9 out of 10 of these consumers are switching primarily for health reasons- they are concerned over the chemicals in conventional cosmetic products. So health, as well as environment, is what’s really driving the market.


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