Second Best in Eco Beauty : Like Dara, We Try Harder!

A thank you kindly to the folks at for rating us second overall out  of all the eco-beauty sites and first overall for most informative! At Beautorium, we try to educate and inform without overwhelming. We think Sprig’s article  picked up our positioning perfectly.   We also applaud all our competitors on their various placements. Plus, you know what they say about coming in second: we try harder!

More recently, consider 40-plus Olympic swimmer Dara Torres.

Dara and Daughter

Dara and Daughter


She won Silver, not Gold, but this only made her more  sympathic and approachable. As her manager remarked,  everyone can relate to someone who tries  really hard to win something, doesn’t quite get there,  but still gives their all and carries on!

 Go Dora, we think you are amazing! And for  water-logged, skin, or any skin exposed to the elements, we recommend  Saaf Organic Super-Hydrating Body Balm.  Works wonders for dry knees, elbows, legs — anything and everything dry! Forms a protective film that locks in moisture– particularly important as  winds turn chill. 

Saaf Saves Dry Skin!

Saaf Saves Dry Skin!

And as for Beautorium, we’ll keep infoming you, updating you, and bringing you ” a careful edit of the world’s most ethical and effective beauty brands”  (thanks!)


We’ve got a super – safe cosmetics documentary coming out soon…watch this space!


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    HI, this is Emily, I am interning with Jurlique. We are an organic and biodynamic skin-care company. I came across your blog and think its great that it’s dedicated to natural and organic beauty! We have common interests! Please let me know if you have any questions or if you ever need anything!

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