Stressbusters : Five Green Ways to Relax.

Let’s face it. The last few days have been stressful no matter which political fence you sit on or  economic field you plow. Congress confabulates.  Dow dives. Leaders lose it. And mean while credit goes crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, all the way home!

So- time to seek refuge. Where Green meets Green- hmmm- the color of money is also the color of relaxation.  So a bit of lavender in the bath tub- and you, too, could conjure up  your next lucrative yet environmentally responsible idea. But you need to relax a bit first.

 My Top 5 Green Relaxers are:

 1. Sip Green Tea.

You can do this anytime, anywhere.  AND it’s great for skin. Full of antioxidants 20x more powerful than vitamin C. Tastes calming. Sip some green tea, and try John Masters Organics green tea & rose  serum for skin.

2.   Walk your Dog in the Woods.

It’s scientifically proven that pets reduce stress levels. Our dog Roscoe (pictured above) loves our nearby woods and they are full of fragrant wild herbs like rosemary. Gather some to take home and sprinkle on top of salmon steaks with some chopped green or red chillies. Grill at 400 F  for 20 minutes. Delicious, as well as healthy, and relaxing. Plus, it clears the sinuses,  the lungs, and the mind.

3. Get a Massage with Gemstone oils.

Gemstone oils plus essential oils are a potent combination. Use them wisely. Farfalla does the most exquisite Feel-Good Set of 7 miniature Gemstone Oils.  You can help shape your mood and choose fom Joie de Vivre, Positive Flow, Anti-Stress, Security  through to Serenity.   My massage therapist Rita of Lifekneads is a big fan. Her favorite in these uncertain times: Security! Also, more visitors view Security gemstone oil than any other product on our site. That says something about the current collective state of mind!

4. Perform a Ritual.

Rituals provide solace as you focus in on the beauty of the moment. redflower has wonderful rituals based on the bathhouse traditions of Japan and Turkey. Try the new redflower Hamman ritual for deep, intense relaxation– Hamman means “spreader of warmth”.  Follow the six steps of purify, scrub, polish,mist,enrich and relax using natural earthy elements like mint tea,  coffee, black olive, and cardamon.

5. Try Lavender at Bedtime. 

It’s true. Put on your wrists, your chest, and sprinkle a few drops on your pillow. Breathe Deeply. You will doze off and dream peacefully. Dr. Hauschka Lavender Body Oil is perfect for this purpose.


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