Mineral Make-Up: All that Glitters is not Gold…..


Today I spoke with John from Supermarket News (he interviewed me as a “background expert’) about the rise and rise of mineral make-up.  Unlike the Dow, the only way here, it seems, is up!  According to Datamonitor, say my notes from John, there have been 642 new facial and eye makeup cosmetic products launched containing minerals in the last 3 years, an increase of 5-fold over 2005. Of course all the big mass brands are riding this trend, including Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oreal and the like.

But why is mineral make-up so popular?   Clearly, claims that it is natural, good for sensitive and blemish-prone skin,  and free from a lot of chemicals and irritants found in conventional make-up help boost popularity with  consumers. And some of those claims seem to have their merits with the medical community– check out this great article on web MD. After all, Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two common ingredients found in the make-up, have a calming and anti-inflammaotry effect, as well as providing moderate SPF protection. So far, so good!

But- beware the truth behind the mask! Not all mineral make-ups are what they seem! Alas, any make-up that contains minerals as a primary ingredient can label itself as such, even if it contains many other not-so -natural ingredients. Some of the most popular brands DO use the minerals, BUT still combine them with the usual suspects like parabens, synthetic fillers and other chemicals. Again, label-reading is crucial. 


Many mineral make-ups contain quasi-natural ingredients that can irritate. Bismuth oxychloride is a popular ingredient in many make-ups because it gives a pearly, golden glow. However, it is irritating to many people  and is best avoided.  Bismuth oxychloride can cause itching and rashes, and even acne.

So, how can you get a golden glow that’s safe yet sexy?


Afterglow Mineral Foundation

Afterglow Mineral Foundation

We recommend Afterglow cosmetics. The skindeep data base rates them among the safest and purest mineral makeups around!! They are 100%  natural,  use only certified organic ingredients whenever possible , and are free from bismuth oxychloride and carmine. Plus, they contain wonderful antioxidents like grapeseed oil which have anti-aging properties.  Founder Kris Adams adds two more points:

1. They come in subtle AND  bold “HD-type” colors that last (this is important as a lot of gals think organic make-up doesn’t last and comes in boring colors- NOT SO!):

Afterglow Eye Shadows

Afterglow Eye Shadows

2. They are gluten free- which means you can eat your lipstick all you like with no worries if you’re wheat -intolerant!

Afterglow Lipsticks

Afterglow Lipsticks

 Seems like you can be a safe, sexy golden girl with Afterglow!


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