Green Lipstick in a Red Economy

They say that Lipstick is a key economic indicator, and that every time the the unemployment rate rises 1%, lipstick sales increase by $25m. Don’t just take my word for it- here’s the source:

 If the unemployment rate rises, one would expect demand for all goods and services to decrease, but in fact, the opposite is true for lipstick,”said Lim.Burrowing into the data shows for instance that for every one percent increase in the unemployment rate, women buy $25m worth more of lipstick, according to Kline.

 So given that unemployment rose to its highest levels in October, lipstick sales should be soaring! But does the same apply to green lipstick? One would think that trend multipliers would kick in and we’d all be rolling in organic lip gloss….

Yet recently the venerable New York Times ran an article hinting that organic was going the way of the trip to the luxury store. Although they did say they felt consumers would still spend on kids, the article concluded that organic was a dispensable luxury in most cases. In other words, green lipstick would dip into the red…. afterglow_organic_lip_loveI wonder if this is true. After all, as long as you can choose nice feeling, cheerful and colorful lipsticks that are lead , paraben and toxin -free, why wouldn’t  you? Especially now that there are many value-priced choices- like Logona,  Afterglow, Juice Beauty, Dr. Hauschka and Pangea. 

So go on, do your bit! Shop for green lipstick in the red economy. It’s positively patriotic! And it will cheer you up!!


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