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New Year’s Res: Go Green Gradually in 2009- Will it Help You Live Longer?

Did you know American adult women can use up to 25 personal care products per day? That means on average absorbing up to  200 chemicals per day into the body. This year, why not resolve to switch a product a week for the next 20 weeks from conventional cosmetics to natural and organic beauty care? […]

Holiday Food & Skin: Six Natural Table Traditions That Work Skin Miracles Too

One  of the  big beauty trends  set to continue in 2009 is the cross-over of ingredients from food to skincare, says Mintel, a big research agency that’s up on such things.  Funny that should be considered a trend, as it was also very prevalent in ancient times. People tended to use the same ingredients  on their tables and […]

Go Forth and Green, Frugalista!

William Safire I ‘ain’t, although I have long admired his On Language column in the Sunday Times Magazine. There’s something almost blog-like about Safire’s style, which makes him prescient,  if not iconic, as he pre-dates the rise of blogging as our new national obsession. Safire stays current – as all good linguists must- and has a wonderful nose for the “smell of […]