Go Forth and Green, Frugalista!

William Safire I ‘ain’t, although I have long admired his On Language column in the Sunday Times Magazine. There’s something almost blog-like about Safire’s style, which makes him prescient,  if not iconic, as he pre-dates the rise of blogging as our new national obsession. Safire stays current – as all good linguists must- and has a wonderful nose for the “smell of the place” — meaning he can sniff out what’s linguistically intoxicating as well as culturally in touch.  Recently, he passed on Oxford Press’s stodgy choice for word of the year (the dull “hypermiling”) in favor of something far more captivating: “Frugalista”! 

What a word! As Safire points out, it derives in part from the word “fruit”, as fruits were cheap in Shakespeare’s day. Which makes it a great choice for green savers everywhere, since fruit and veg, and botanics generally,  are what we like to put onto our bodies and into ourselves. 

This holiday season, we are featuring a lot of savings for people. We are Green Frugalista’s! Even at the best of times (aka: normal prices) our products are not outrageously expensive, overtly packaged or couture.   That seems so, so over. In with the new reasonableness! Our average price point is under $30 and we have many great gifts under $50. You can check more of them out here.  

In fact,I  have noticed a new emphasis on being a Green Frugalista in almost every environmental email and ezine — from Daily Green to Ideal Bite to Vital Juice Daily. The  Treehugger on Sustainlane in  Greenopia agrees:  Conserve your Cash , Conserve your Health and Conserve your Planet! What a winning combination!  

Go Forth and Green, Frugalista! 

And get in touch with the Oxford Press, demanding a referendum vote on that word of the year.  Tell them Will Safire sent you…..And don’t forget– you can save 20% off everything beautorium  at people.com!


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