Holiday Food & Skin: Six Natural Table Traditions That Work Skin Miracles Too

One  of the  big beauty trends  set to continue in 2009 is the cross-over of ingredients from food to skincare, says Mintel, a big research agency that’s up on such things.  Funny that should be considered a trend, as it was also very prevalent in ancient times. People tended to use the same ingredients  on their tables and in their ablutions, as they didn’t have myriad other choices to consider. They also tended to use locally grown  ingredients, more out of out of necessity than convenience or conscious choice.   Again, locally-grown ingredients in food are a next-year’s trend worth mentioning in treehugger.  Maybe, as some of the  elaborate and excessive rituals of recent years disappoint,  we respond by  embracing practices centuries old, becoming more biblical in our behavior. 

There is much to celebrate for your feet and face on the holiday table. Many  festive favorites  work wonders inside as well as out. My top six follow, along with  product recommendations to help get you glowing. …And you can rejoice in knowing you’re as on trend  in 2009 as you would have been 2009 years ago. Talk about Timeless!



From Acai to Goji, with Cranberies and Currants in-between, berries are super-fruit antioxidents. The darker the berry’s skin  the higher the  antioxident  index that’s effective against free radicals, according to a report in the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. For a berry merry holiday glow, try Pangea’s  Cranberry Facial Scrub  followed by their fab Acai and Goji Berry Mask


Clove: h-395x298-cloves

Clove oil warms the skin and improves circulation, like basking in the glow of a holiday fire. Add warmth and comfort to cold, chapped holiday skin with  Saaf Organic Super Hydrating Body Balm ; for  sensual, spicy and glowing skin, try red flower hamman cardamon and amber oil  

Olives: olives_blue

One of nature’s finest foodie gifts to the world!No table would be complete without olives or olive oil! Nor would any skincare regime! Olives are a cradle to grave necessity in both food and skincare. Found in over 100 of beautorium’s products, they hydrate, protect, and prolong for young , old, and in-between.  Proof in point: Martina Gebhardt Baby Calendula Cream, Martina Gebhardt Happy Aging Cream and  Trilogy Everything Balm. 


Myrrh: myrrh

The rich royal resin with the slight vanilla fragrance so popular in incense also stimulates circulation and has lifting effects. Found in Logona’s Age Protection Lifting Serum and Farfalla’s Regeneration Gemstone oil. 

Pomegranate: large_product_image_description1207

Pomegranate oil is a great anti-ager by dint of its antioxidant qualities, which run at  2-3x the level of green tea …it also boosts elasticity and contains natural estrogen,  making it a perfect choice for post-menpausal women. Add some TLC to your fireside look  with  Juice Beauty’s Oil-Free Moisturizer and After Glow’s  Organic Lip Love.  


Rosemary: 64icasihojicapogha6cat79h9fcajbd2alca28hh12canj7w44caumkye3ca1uxgg7cavfzc7rcanwvnyrca31o6qeca712y6zcarl9rltca9jk8sica2g9tsmcazskvw5cav9zkhicauj0zffcamc881v

One of the first and best ingredients for rejuvenating skin and hair. Helps with dermatitis and dandruff; boosts circulation, simulates hair growth, adds shine.  Try Dr. Hauschka  Rosemary Foot Balm and John Masters Organic Lavender and Rosemary shampoo.


So this holiday season, treat yourself to these natural food and skin care traditions and who knows? A miracle might just happen!


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    Adding the Acai Berry mask is a great ideal that I will have to try.

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