New Year’s Res: Go Green Gradually in 2009- Will it Help You Live Longer?

Did you know American adult women can use up to 25 personal care products per day?

That means on average absorbing up to  200 chemicals per day into the body. This year, why not resolve to switch a product a week for the next 20 weeks from conventional cosmetics to natural and organic beauty care? That way you can go green gradually and the whole de-tox process seems more fun rather than daunting and expensive. 

You can start from the head and work down to the toes- or vice-verse. Or start with  your least favorite current beauty item and end with the one hardest to wean yourself off of.  Or the opposite,  if  you’re a gung-ho, maximum impact sort.  You can even compare notes- team up with a friend, your daughter, even your book-club, and compare product discoveries and favorites. 

Along the way, you will recognise that you don’t need to sacrifice efficacy either– more and more green beauty products are using top notch natural science and substantiating their performance claims (and after all many have been used for centuries  by millions  so have thousands of “satisfied customers”) 

As you go green gradually, here are four reasons to motivate you  along the way:

1. Plant-based diets help you live longer

This just in from CNN!  A  doctor researching the ‘blue zones’ , pockets of longevity which include Sardinia , Costa Rica and Okinawa, advises folks aspiring  to reach 100 candles to have primarily plant-based diets. Might using plant-based beauty care also count towards that goal? Given skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it, I’d be inclined to agree, if only under the rubric of”every little helps”….Plus, you don’t have to move to Costa Rica!


2. Essential Oils are a great way to de-tox mind and body:

Natural beauty care uses esential oils. From dandruff and  depression, to  menopause,  scars and stretch marks, essential plant oils  have a wonderful track record of helping to detox and heal mind and  body naturally.For a compendium of which oils can help do what, check out this online guide here from

3. Organic ingredients can help boost your metabolism:

Most of us aim to  get fit and shed a holiday pound or two come January. Research from  Canada, published on, suggests that ingesting organic foods boosts your metabolism. Again, given you also absorb what you put on your skin, using organic beauty can only help !

4.Obama would approve: 

OK, so this really is pushing it a bit. But with the President-elect setting records in approval and most admired ratings, the American people are starting to value authenticity, straightforwardness, and common sense  over the complexity, artifice and excess  of  the past decade. Be part of the new way of living honestly, naturally and  and sensibly,  starting with how you treat your body.  

To help you go green gradually, checkout beautorium’s 5-50-5 beauty promotion now through January 11th. We’ve picked 15 top selling products covering all aspects of beauty care from toners  to body washes, and are offering them at 50% off for a limited period. It will help save money and go green gradually while   doing something good for you , your skin and the planet! 

 Cheers from all of us at beautorium, and here’s wishing you and yours a  Happy Healthy 2009!!


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