Green Histories Past and Present

It’s been a while – almost one month, to be exact, since my last post. I have been preoccupied by various family issues, notably a very ill father, but am now back on the blog, so to speak. Several things happened in the interim: New Year, New President; The Inauguration ; New Organic Beauty Magazine – just to mention a few. Here’s an update on a couple of historic happenings.

Cherie’s Natural History:

Cherie Likes Green Tea
Cherie Likes Green Tea

Tomorrow night my old acquaintance Cherie Blair is speaking here at the Charlotte History Museum. I know her from my days as an Exec at Boots PLC in the UK – she’ s a fabulous supporter of Breast Cancer Research, one of Boots’ lead charities, and a wonderful woman in her own right. Five years ago, when she was still at Downing Street, we spent a lunch discussing (among other topics) the relative merits of organic cranberries and other natural trends. She recommended green tea as an energy and concentration booster in the mid-afternoon. I plan to remind her of that conversation tomorrow and seek an update on her latest green tips.

Green Cinderella:

Gay, Doug and Elizabeth at the Ball
The Greenopia Gang : Gay, Doug and Elizabeth at the Ball

I wasn’t invited to either of the green inaugural balls (sniff!) BUT my friends from Greenopia were there at Planet Green’s soiree in all their eco-finery – and by all accounts had a fabulous time.
Founder Gay Browne was a featured speaker and Greenopia VP of Strategic Alliances Elizabeth Harrington looked divine as she smiled for the camera and even took a turn behind it for some of the photos. Nothing like start-up mulititasking…! Also, Elizabeth planned on doing her own green “Cinderella” – complete with makeover  – and I gave her my last-minute top-to-toe tips for going gorgeous and green.

Here they are for anyone who ‘s interested – with Valentine’s day just around the corner, no doubt there will be more glamorous occassions!

Beautorium’s Ball Menu:


  • Bathe in Dr.Hauschka Lemon Bath Oil to refresh you and “get juices flowing” for the big night ahead.
  • For something really unique, try Farfalla’s Gemstone Oils with real semi-precious stones – go for Joy of Life to mark the spectacular and celebratory occasion.
  • Moisturize with redflower’s wonderful cardamom amber oil -will leave you with a slightly spicy, warm and sultry natural scent rich in global traditions.




Voila! And yes, glass slippers are sustainable, so feel free to lose yours!

Beauty and the (News) Beat:

Organic Beauty Debut
Organic Beauty Debut

Organic Beauty seems a good title – very well written and researched, and I like the way the debut issue leaps out at you at the news-stand. (It’s the close -up cover photo of Olivia Wilde that helps it to stand out, together with the darker background).

I am pleased to have been consulted as an expert in the premiere issue for the article on sulfate free shampoos – you can read more about that here. They seem to be off to a good start, and as it’s tricky to launch anything in these times, I applaud them for trying and wish them much success!


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