Get Green & Clean Together This Valentine’s Day


courtesy ocean resort key west

courtesy ocean resort key west


It’s Valentine’s Day and why not have some good clean fun! Here’s a simple way to spend time together, getting green and clean.


The Get Green and Clean Together Kit


1.      Sharing a bath is both greener and sexier. Set the mood by lighting a redflower italian blood orange candle to get things glowing and lightly scented

 2.      Farfalla Gemstones Oils :The Feel Good Set – Cleopatra used gemstones to build her beauty aura.  This kit contains seven different 100% certified natural, biodynamic oils to suit every possible mood – each features its own semi-precious stone and essential oils combo to banish stress and negative thoughts and bring balance and harmony. Each can be used as bath or massage oil. Start your soak with a couple of drops of  “Positive Flow” oil ( with Cleopatra’s favorite peridot gem)  to keep things moving in the right direction….  

3.      Pangea Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry Mask : This mask is green in every sense of the word!  Have fun applying the gooey green mask to each other’s faces and laughing as you remind yourselves what fun it is to finger paint. The best surprise of all comes once you rinse off to reveal fabulous, glowing, nourished skin- visibly smoother and sexier. 

4.      More massage, this time with another of the Feel-Good Gemstone Oils.  Get close safely  by choosing “Security”….

 5.      Lip Therapy- make sure yours are ready for kissing with Juice Beauty’s SPF8 Lip Trio, made with USDA certified organic ingredients. With a rosy tint or plain.

  6.      The Morning After: have all you need to get spruced up and squeaky clean for work with the convenient  Dr. Hauschka  Daily Body Care Kit– contains travel-sized body washes and body creams for both of you. Choose rose body cream to bask in your last nights rosy glow! 


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