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Beautorium’s own Barry , the British bloke, was recently chosen to proffer up the male point of view for none other than the O.B.E., a.k.a. Andrea Kane, the  Organic Beauty Expert– one of the first and best green bloggers around.  By the way, does Andrea know that O.B.E. also stands for “Order of the British Empire?” It’s just shy of a knighthood. So I guess we’ll start calling her Dame Andrea. Anyway, herewith Barry’s debut post, published earlier this week in O.B.E. Enjoy!: 


If you have a male undercover product junkie in your life, join the crowd! New posts from “A Man’s View”

When I first started this blog almost three years ago, my husband had previously given no indication that he was the least bit interested in products. He never bought anything, never asked me to buy anything and normally took his three hour baths with a bit of Mr. Bubbles. However….

… as the blog has grown, Joe is the first one standing by the new arrival when I open them, gets quite pissy if I open them and don’t let him dive right in and even makes suggestions on what new products he’d like to try out. I’ve heard this from other women, as well. So now I’m happy to present the newest writer for OBE, Barry King, who is the co-founder of Beautorium.

And without further ado…

When Andrea sent out her “Plea for a Man” the other day, I felt I had to come to her rescue! Allow me to introduce myself… I am Barry King. I moved to the US with my wife and daughter in August 2007 from London, England and I am co-founder of the online natural and organic beauty emporium.

In my latter years in Europe I went regularly on trips to the cities of Europe. I am a pharmacist by training and I loved to browse some of the wonderful pharmacies that abound in European cities. I particularly remember Pharmacie Des Alpes in Chamonix, a wonderful alpine ski resort in France and home of the famous 15,000 foot “Mont Blanc” (the mountain not the pen). We sheltered from snow storms in the warmth of the store and browsed their eclectic selection of natural and organic products. This experience, combined with my growing awareness of the chemicals contained in conventional products, started my shift away from traditional, chemical based personal care to a more natural and organic approach. It has now got to the stage where I hate to use anything else.

Consider my daily dose of aftershave… In London I used to have a collection of posh designer labels and scents from Harrods and Selfridges (OK usually bought on Sale..!) and would vary them according to my mood. Now, I still have that collection but I never use them – I can’t bear to apply them to my skin as they are all so heavy, strong and lingering – it’s like walking along surrounded by “pong”! (That’s British slang for an unpleasant smell!


I am now hooked on Vetiver by Farfalla – a wonderful Swiss concoction that is fresh, warm and sensual… I love it and use it all the time to the exclusion of everything else! Natural fragrances are just so much lighter and refreshing and generally make you feel better! Problem is – given the economy, my psyche does not allow me to throw away the other bottles – I’m sure they are off by now and I’ll never use them so they will stay there on my shelf as reminders of my malodorous past…!


Anyone wanting to try the Farfalla Men’s Fragrances, I’d suggest the Natural Fragrance Trial Set first so you can try them all and then invest in the fragrances that really float your boat!



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