Natrue-ly Yours?


Leading Swiss and German brands Weleda, Dr. Hauschka and others, representing 2/3 of Europe’s natural cosmetics sales, joined together in 2008 in response to slow progress on the pan-European Cosmos standard and formed rival non-profit association Natrue in an effort to set an industry-specific European cosmetics standard. Now the standard is live, has published its first certified products, and, according to a recent report,  is attempting to build a global bridge by partnering with respected US organic certification agency QAI.

NaTrue aims to provide a comprehensive labeling system for natural and organic cosmetics. The label uses a three star system and rates both natural and organic products under the same seal- a welcome first! A product gets one star for natural, two stars for natural with 70% organic criteria, and three stars for natural with organic ingredients at the 95% level.

Some nature identical preservatives and biodegradable surfactants are permitted in small limited quantities and acceptable ingredients vary by product class. Manufacturing processes and packaging are also scrutinized.

NaTrue draws heavily on the years of natural cosmetics experience prevalent in Germany in setting its standards and is very rigorous and precise.

Confused? You’re not alone! Check out this simple chart explaining certified
natural and organic labels at


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