Leaden Lips: Go Organic for a Healthy Pout

Over a year ago, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics discovered and reported that many popular brands of lipstick contain lead. Then, within the past few weeks, the Canadian government announced it had found lead in children’s face paint. So far, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not released the results of its own testing of lead in lipstick—the organization doesn’t conduct routine safety testing of personal care products.

The FDA has also not set any limits to the amount of lead allowed in lipstick, even though lipstick is probably the most often directly-ingested beauty product you put on your body.

Lead in any amount—in health or beauty products or elsewhere—is a legitimate health concern, and builds up in the body over time. Forget worrying about ingredients like carmine, FD&C/Lake dyes or other chemicals that may be harmful to your body; lead is bad for you! According to the Mayo Health Clinic, “even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems,” including pain, muscular weakness, headache, abdominal pain, memory loss, mood disorders, reduced sperm count for men, and miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women (not to mention possible slowed growth and learning disabilities for children who are exposed to lead while in the womb or as young children). Just think about how often you re-apply your favorite lipstick every day!

Beautorium has some lovely shades of natural, organic lipstick to keep your lips perfectly pouty—and your body healthy. Here are some of our favorites—proof that you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite shades when you go organic.

Afterglow Organic Lip Love in Divine is a great pearly-pink coral shade, not too bright. Coral is big for spring, and this lipstick would make for a great evening look.

Afterglow Organic Lip Love in Divine

But we also love it in Wink–it’s a little pinker, and universally flattering.

Afterglow Organic Lip Love in Wink

If you’re drawn to more classic shades, check out these options from Logona. They are certified natural by the BDIH of Germany, are 100% vegetarian–and they’re only $15 each!


(And PS: Help us celebrate Earth Week and our first b(earth)day! Get 50% off 5 of our favorite products, one product per day, from now until Friday.)

-Aleigh Acerni


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  1. Posted June 29, 2009 at 1:20 pm | Permalink

    I recently found your site and ordered SUKI products. I have to rave-they are so amazing!
    The exfoliating wash is the single most fantastic facial cleanser I have ever used-I love it-and the daytime moisturizer is perfect-non-greasy and a great base for a light foundation. I even use the cleanser on the tops of my hands as well. I love the product lines you carry, John Masters is another new fave, and I will be back again and again. Thanks for your superb service as well!

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