Don’t Get Burned: Chemical-free Sun Protection

These days, it’s a commonly known fact that sunburns and over-exposure to the sun can put you at risk for skin casunburnncer—but for the eco-conscious, the chemical-based preservatives and sun blockers in common sunscreens are just as much of a concern. After all, any ingredient that could potentially be harmful to humans could also be harmful to wildlife and ecosystems in our lakes, oceans and rivers. And according to the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, there are a lot of common sunscreen ingredients to be concerned about.

So how to protect your skin—and the earth—at the same time? A good option is to seek out sunscreens that contain zinc and titanium dixoxide. Both are naturally-occurring minerals that reflect light.

Here are some suggestions:

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer. This is a good option for every day use—it contains titanium dioxide paired with organic white grape and pomegranate juices, antioxidants, and other nutrients for happy skin.

Dr. Hauschka Sunscreen Spray SPF 15. This formula is gentle enough for the face, but can be used all over, and it’s a convenient spray. It contains titanium dioxide plus ice plant, rose hip, and quince seed extracts to moisturize, avocado, sunflower and sesame oils, and rose seed extract.

Suki Liquid Concealer. This vitamin-rich, non-greasy formula packs powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients plus pure crushed minerals to balance oil production, fight redness, brighten under eye circles, treat blemishes (and protect against sun exposure).

Afterglow Organic Mineral Foundation. This foundation comes in a variety of shades and contains a natural sunscreen—plus it’s ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Weleda Children’s Sunscreen SPF 18. Weleda grows over 300 certified organic ingredients in its own biodynamic gardens, and worked with Burt’s Bees to pioneer the new Natural Products Association USA standard. This sunscreen has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, to keep you (and your little ones) sunburn-free.

With such great natural sunscreens on the market, you have no reason to fear the sun—get out there and enjoy it!

-Aleigh Acerni



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    High factor sunscreen will allow you to develop a light golden glow gradually with less risk of burning and premature ageing. Fernando Foods

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    Nice mark out of things – Interesting knowledge – one could do this was also – thanks for the post.

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    I got the juice beauty hydrating mist. After a spritz my face feels softer. I would like to try the moisturizer that was mentioned! I’m still debating if I should buy the sunscreen for the kids or just get the moisturizer! I can’t go wrong since the have sunprotection on both!!

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    Thanks for the information and the good suggestions.

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