Naturally Youthful: Anti-aging Dos and Don’ts

1130847_tiffany_2_2Whether you have a little or a lot of grey hair (or even if you have yet to see a single one), it’s never the wrong time to start thinking about slowing down your skin’s aging process. The good news is that there are a lot of little ways to make a difference in how your skin ages, and none of them require a needle or a visit to the dermatologist! We’ve pulled together a list of “dos” and “don’ts” that will help keep you naturally wrinkle-free for years to come.

DO: Exfoliate. At least once a week, use an exfoliating lotion or scrub to reveal fresh, new skin. Try Sophyto Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment, Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser or Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser, or for especially sensitive skin, try Logona Age Protection Cleansing Foam.

DON’T: Forget to moisturize. Finding the right moisturizer is a must for skin of all ages, but especially for older skin, since skin naturally loses moisture as it ages. Trust us; it’s important. Use moisturizer generously, and add in a hydrating treatment (Logona’s Age Protection Hydro Lipid Balance is a great one) for an extra boost of moisture.

DO: Use an eye cream. Because the skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your body, it’s often the first place to show the signs of aging. Use an eye cream twice a day, and if you tend to wake up with puffy eyes, keep your eye cream in the refrigerator for a soothing, cooling effect. (It’ll help you wake up, too.) We like Korres Materia Herba Anti-aging Eye Cream, Logona Age Protection Eye Wrinkle Cream, and Suki Eye Repair Balm.

DON’T: Go without shades. Squinting isn’t the most attractive look, for starters, but if you spend a lot of time doing it, you run the risk of increasing the amount of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Crow’s feet, be gone!

DO: Use lip-plumping glosses. As you age, your lips get thinner, so be sure to try a lip-plumping gloss over your lipstick (or alone). We love the Juice Beauty Lip Plumper, which is packed full of amino acids—use it alone or over your favorite shade of lipstick.

DON’T: Forget sunscreen. There’s no reason to skip sunscreen, regardless of the season. Your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays every day, and it’s easy to sneak in at least a little protection against the sun by using moisturizers, foundation, or glosses with SPF. Here are some options: Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer (it has a long list of anti-aging benefits), Juice Beauty Lip Trio SPF8 Lip Moisturizers (for your pout), and Suki Liquid Concealer (for your face).

DO: Use products that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants are the most powerful anti-aging ingredients; they work to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and perk up sagging skin. Try John Masters Calendula Hydrating Mask for a pampering treat or the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel.

DON’T: Ignore décolleté. The delicate skin on your neck and chest can be an easy place to spot the signs of aging; so don’t neglect those areas during your skincare routine. You’ll love Cattier Songe Fleuri’s soothing Renewing Night Cream.

-Aleigh Acerni


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