Glow Natural: Extend Your Sun-Kissed Look Into Fall


We can hardly believe it, but the last of the summer’s tomatoes will soon be eaten, and there’s less than a month of summer left. Before long, it will be time to pull out your sweaters and boots (and hats and gloves and scarves)—but don’t mourn the loss of your summertime glow just yet! We’ve come up with some ways to extend your summery look into fall and beyond, and you don’t have to go near a tanning bed. Ease your way into fall without risking melanoma; test out some of our strategies for a subtle, sun-kissed look that will bring compliments in any season.

Bronzer. A bronzer can help you get a healthy-looking glow—without the damage that comes with a suntan. Choose one that is a little darker than your natural complexion, and for powdered bronzers (Afterglow and Dr. Hauschka make great ones), apply subtly on the areas where sunlight naturally hits your face—forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. If you prefer an all-over tint, try mixing Dr. Hauschka’s Translucent Bronze Concentrate with your everyday moisturizer (just put a little dab of both on the back of your hand and mix), for an even subtler look.

Makeup. Think warm, golden tones for your cheeks and eyelids. Dr. Hauschka’s Rouge Powder in Warm Terracotta is a great option for cheeks, and the Mineral Eye Shadow by Afterglow in Sage is the perfect shade for a look that’s reminiscent of the beach but still sophisticated.

Hair. Olive oil is great for your skin, and you can find it in a ton of natural and organic beauty products, but it’s also great for your hair. You can use it as a deep conditioning treatment every so often, but it can also serve as a natural way to lighten your hair. Here’s how: Comb a generous amount of olive oil through your hair (it doesn’t need to be the high grade, expensive stuff), then pick a sunny spot, slather on some sunscreen, and let the sun work its magic on your locks for about an hour. Rinse out the olive oil for shiny hair and natural highlights! Olive oil is gentle enough to be used on your hair a few days a week, until you get the results you’re after. And, for an extra just-back-from-a-week-at-the-beach look, use John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender.

Body. Mixing bronzer with moisturizer doesn’t just have to be for your face—add a little bit of a powdery bronzer to your favorite body lotion, and voila! Instant, completely customizable, subtle self-tanner. Your skin will glow, and no one will know how you pulled it off without chemicals or sun-worship.

-Aleigh Acerni


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