Spotlight: Afterglow Glow Kit (Light)

afterglow_glow_kit_LRGWe’ve tried mineral make-up before, from the specialty brands to the drugstore brands, so we were intrigued to do an Afterglow Cosmetics review; we took the Glow Kit for a test drive to see how it would compare. Afterglow Cosmetics founder Kristen Adams is allergic to (almost) everything, and therefore demands that her makeup be free from anything that could irritate sensitive skin, including bismuth oxychloride, which you can find in most other mineral makeup. (It’s also gluten free, carmine free, and of course free of parabens, petroleums, and synthetics.)

First impressions: This kit is full of stuff! It comes with two shades of foundation (use one or combine the two for a more customized match), a blush, translucent setting powder, a baby Kabuki brush, a concealer brush, application instructions, and a cosmetic bag to hold it all. The colors were flattering and surprisingly blendable, and we were happy with the amount of coverage we were able to get, whether we were hoping for just a little even-ing out for a Saturday of errand-running, or full-on coverage for a networking event.

What caught us by surprise: We were thrilled with the makeup brushes. We’ve been consistently disappointed with the brushes that have come with other mineral makeup kits we’ve tried in the past—one broke almost immediately, another left strands behind on our face (and made us wipe off most of the makeup we’d just applied while we tried to pluck them off)—so we were skeptical (but hopeful) that Afterglow would finally make a believer out of us.

After two weeks of daily use, we were seriously impressed. Afterglow’s brushes are vegan, professional-grade tools that are made of super soft taklon, a fine-grade nylon fiber that provides a smooth, even finish, and since it doesn’t have cuticles like natural hair, it’s less absorbent and doesn’t trap makeup. The petite Kabuki brush was ideal for applying foundation, blush, and translucent powder (even though it’s small, it did a better job than the full-sized brush we’d been using before), and the Afterglow Concealer Brush with the long, tapered handle, got the job done and was fun to use.

Extras: Afterglow Cosmetics is dedicated to fighting breast cancer, and donates a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each Afterglow Organic Glow Bronzer to aid in research. We can see why Afterglow makeup has become one of the few American brands to be a must-have in France.

-Aleigh Acerni


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