Organic Beauty Base-ics

2269245275_9bac1d0696When it comes to makeup and skin care products, there are three typical types of ingredients that serve as the foundation (or “base”) of each formula: water, oil, and minerals. We’ve broken it down for you here, so that you can choose type that is the perfect match for your complexion—or mix and match!

Water-Based Cosmetics

Water-based products are typically thinner formulas, most often used in mascaras and liquid eyeliners, but also common for liquid foundations, eyeshadow, and more. Since water is inexpensive, products with a base of water are often less expensive—but are often filled with synthetic ingredients and preservatives, since on its own, water doesn’t have added benefits for the skin. We like Suki Rich Pigment Mascara, which starts with a base of purified water, but then adds all kinds of goodness, like organic sunflower seed oil, beeswax, and evening primrose oil.

Mineral-Based Cosmetics

The least common of the three, mineral-based cosmetics are growing in popularity. Minerals are great for the skin, and can offer a tint or color (for eyeshadow, mineral foundation and concealer, etc.), as well as being a good base to mix with other ingredients. Many mineral-based cosmetics use only natural ingredients, making them a good choice for allergic, acne-prone or sensitive skin—and because of the purity of these minerals, the cosmetics are often a little more expensive than their water-based counterparts. We think they’re worth the price for the natural, glowing look they give your skin. In fact, we raved about one of our favorites, Afterglow Cosmetics, not long ago.

Oil-Based Cosmetics

Oil is the most ancient natural skin care: Ancient Egyptians pressed olives and used the oil as a way to soothe sunburned skin, and legend has it that the Queen of Sheba had an almond plantation just so she could use almond oil for her skin. Unlike water-based products, oil-based cosmetics lock in moisture and provide a barrier between your skin and the rest of the world. As an added benefit, oil-based cosmetics typically have fewer preservatives than water-based products—synthetic or otherwise, and are more gentle on your skin.

Some oil-based products we can’t get enough of: Trilogy Rosehip Oil is practically perfect in every way, for every skin type (and it’s found it almost every item in the entire Trilogy line), and Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream has 30 rose flowers in each tube. We also love Saaf Organic Complexion Boosting Serum—it’s packed with a variety of natural oils. (And if your complexion tends to be oily, never fear: oil attracts oil, which means the oil in a skin care product bonds with and dissolves the oil on your face…leaving your skin clear whether it’s dry, oily, or combination.)

Other Base-ics

An alternative to an oil, water, or mineral base is something that Juice Beauty has based their entire skin care line on—fruit juice! The company uses certified organic juice concentrates, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, hydroxy acids and phytonutrients, which are pH balanced to use on even the most sensitive skin. We adore the Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer, which has organic apple, grape, pomegranate, aloe and cucumber juices; it makes our skin look delish.

-Aleigh Acerni


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