5 Trends for Fall Makeup

This week, we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot in makeup for fall. Summer’s glowing, sun-kissed shades are being replace with edgy, stark looks with a bright pop of color, including pale faces with heavily accented eyes or fire engine red lips—think statement makeup. There’s no room for hesitation this season!

DECO_eyeliner_MEDThe eyes have it. Fall is all about dramatic eyes, with pale skin and neutral color on the lips and cheeks. Enhance your eyes with these beautiful eyeliner pencils from Dr. Hauschka, and read on for more great ways to play up your peepers.

Picture 4

Metallics. A great option for your lids this season, metallics are showing up everywhere, especially in bronze and gold, but also in colors like green and brown. They’re great for a dramatic evening look, although we’d stay away from dark shades during the workday. Afterglow has a beautiful silver shade, Lyric. Metallics also work well as highlighters for cheeks and lips.

Dr.H_Eyeshadow_Pallette_LRGEarth tones. They were all over the runway this fall, and for good reason—earthy colors are universally flattering and create a natural look. Go for eyeshadows in browns, greens, and beiges. We like Afterglow’s Ultra Matte shadow in cream, khaki and bark and the Dr. Hauschka Eye Shadow Palette in four shades of brown and grey.

Picture 2Berry shades. This one works for both eyes and lips—berry shades are a fall favorite, and this year is no exception. The spotlight is on purple this year, and you’ll be right on trend with Afterglow’s Mineral Eye Shadow in breathless or endless, two ultra-flattering shades of purple. For your lips, try Marina Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Gloss in seaberry, island wine or sandbar.

DECO_lipstick_MEDRuby lips. The other look we’re seeing everywhere from the runway to workday is a bold rep lip. We’re talking bright red, can’t-look-away lips, paired with pale skin and a very basic eye (think thin black eyeliner and mascara—that’s it). You really can’t go wrong with any of the bold shades from Dr. Hauschka, but our favorite shades are amoroso and mezzoforte.

-Aleigh Acerni


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