Supporting Survivors: Gifts for Chemo Patients

breast-cancerIt’s difficult to know what to do when a friend is diagnosed with breast cancer, but a thoughtful gift is always a great option. Chemotherapy patients suffer many difficult reactions and sensitivities while they’re undergoing treatment—here are some natural products from Beautorium’s Think Pink, Go Green collection that are safe and gentle enough to help your favorite survivor deal with the uncomfortable side effects of chemo.

Side effect: Photosensitivity, dull skin. To combat dull, sensitive skin, we like Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Light Moisturizer. With full-spectrum sun protection, vitamin antioxidants and essential nurtrients, it will help soothe and protect chemo-treated skin.

Side effect: Irritated, dry, sensitive skin. We’ve got a great line-up of moisturizers to ease the drying effects of chemotherapy, including Saaf Organic Eraser Body Oil, Saaf Organic Super Hydrating Body Balm, and Trilogy Nourishing Body Lotion, all recommended for damaged, sensitive, dry skin.

Side effect: Cracked lips. Our favorite multi-tasker, Trilogy Everything Balm, is a great healing option for cracked lips, but you can also use it all over for multi-purpose moisture.

Side effect: Radiation burns. With soothing calendula, both Exuberance She’s So Lovely Daily Moisturizer and Trilogy Aromatic Body Treatment Oil will help skin heal.


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