Easy Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but as the holiday season ramps up, so does holiday stress. Here are some ways to help you feel merry this year.

Give yourself a little something. There are tons of sales out there; treat yourself to something you’ve been eyeing instead of putting it on your wish list—and don’t let yourself feel guilty. Holiday shopping is much easier when your mood is merry, too.

Put yourself in time out. This might be our favorite tip, especially if it involves a nice, hot bath and a few chapters of a good book. For extra relaxation and stress relief, try adding soothing oil to your bathwater: we are year-round fans of Dr. Hauschka’s Lavender Bath (its lavender essential oil is great for calming nerves, anxiety, and stress), we love the combination of lavender, chamomile and bergamot in Rain Africa’s Essential Oil Relax, and Weleda’s Pine Reviving Bath Milk is soothing and puts you in the holiday spirit with the scent of Silver Fir.

Get off your feet. If you need some help in the relaxation department, head for the experts. Book a facial, massage, or manicure—something to help you feel pampered and calmed. Go ahead, you have our permission!

Let the early bird get the worm. Don’t wear yourself out trying to make every holiday party, every great sale at the mall, and keep up your already hectic schedule. Instead, look at your appointment book with an editor’s eye, and choose the events and activities that are most meaningful. Make apologies for the rest, and get some extra shut-eye—a well-rested body is better able to cope with the added stress of the holidays.

Take advantage of online shopping. If the thought of battling holiday crowds at the mall makes you cringe, don’t do it. You can find great deals online, and you don’t have to spend half an hour searching for a parking spot. (We’ve even made it easier for you: Starting today for a limited time, get free shipping site-wide at Beautorium when you spend at least $50—just enter the code “ship4free” at checkout!

Happy Holidays!

-Aleigh Acerni


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