Spotlight: Melvita

Named for the words “honey” and “life” in Latin, Melvita is all about products made with ingredients that come from the hive, blended with other organic ingredients from nature.

Behind the brand: Founder Bernard Cheviliat is a beekeeper and biologist—which means he brings a scientific background to the products Melvita creates. One of the first companies in the world to earn the ECOCERT certificate for organic products, Melvita has been a trendsetter since its beginning in 1983.

The products: From Moisturizing Day Cream (formulated with royal jelly and rosehip oil to protect against aging) to the Hydrastim Moisturizing Gel, which combines aloe vera and the extract of the Amazon river plant, mourera fluviatilis, with hyaluronic acid and other organic ingredients that keep your skin at its ideal moisturization level, Melvita’s products are made with ingredients that are responsibly harvested, packaged in recyclable materials, and strives to promote ethical, humane, and fair-trade partnerships.

Bonus: Melvita operates according to the “precautionary principle,” which means that the company will not use ingredients until they have been clinically proven as safe. (If there’s even a hint of debate on the safety of an ingredient, they leave it out.)

-Aleigh Acerni

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