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The Gift That Does Everything: Our Five Favorite Multi-taskers

Don’t know what to get for the girl who has everything? We’ve got some suggestions. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options—they’re all great for any skin type, and they all do so many great things for your skin, we don’t see how you could resist them! 1. Trilogy Everything Balm. The […]

How green is green?

Greenwash: The act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. Green is truly the new black. There are trendy, eco-friendly ways to update our homes, our travel, our meals, our clothing—and our beauty products. But how do consumers know how “green” a product […]

Spring Flowers Natural Powers

Spring is a time of renewal and rediscovery, rebirth and re-energizing. So it’s not surprising that many of our favorite flowers also play a starring  role in natural skincare and organic cosmetics. Here are just a few of our favorites, along with a summary of their relevant powers and a couple of popular products that […]

Green Histories Past and Present

It’s been a while – almost one month, to be exact, since my last post. I have been preoccupied by various family issues, notably a very ill father, but am now back on the blog, so to speak. Several things happened in the interim: New Year, New President; The Inauguration ; New Organic Beauty Magazine […]

Holiday Food & Skin: Six Natural Table Traditions That Work Skin Miracles Too

One  of the  big beauty trends  set to continue in 2009 is the cross-over of ingredients from food to skincare, says Mintel, a big research agency that’s up on such things.  Funny that should be considered a trend, as it was also very prevalent in ancient times. People tended to use the same ingredients  on their tables and […]

Go Forth and Green, Frugalista!

William Safire I ‘ain’t, although I have long admired his On Language column in the Sunday Times Magazine. There’s something almost blog-like about Safire’s style, which makes him prescient,  if not iconic, as he pre-dates the rise of blogging as our new national obsession. Safire stays current – as all good linguists must- and has a wonderful nose for the “smell of […]

Do An “Obama”: The Power Of Inclusiveness in the Certification Campaign

An Inclusive Victory Like many Americans I am thrilled with the historic outcome of this election. Obama has become a national President, capable of unifying Americans across the geographic, gender, generational and racial divides. This is a victory for new America. A testimony to Americans’ capacity for growth and change. As a former expat who […]

Best Green Brands: Top Picks from Natural Expo East

Last weekend I went to Boston to catch the last couple of days of Natural Expo East, the East coast leg of the world’s largest organic trade fair. (Natural Expo West, in LA, is the West coast version and BioFach, Germany, is the International one.) What strikes you is how mainstream green is becoming when you meander among the […]

Notes on Scents: Natural vs Synthetic Fragrance

  A lovely journalist from Natural Health Magazine asked me recently about the difference between natural and synthetic fragances. Here’s the scoop: Natural fragrances are based on essential oils which come from plants or animals (we only offer those from plants, of course!). Plant-based oils have been used in perfumes for thousands of years, starting with the […]

Stressbusters : Five Green Ways to Relax.

Let’s face it. The last few days have been stressful no matter which political fence you sit on or  economic field you plow. Congress confabulates.  Dow dives. Leaders lose it. And mean while credit goes crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, all the way home! So- time to seek refuge. Where Green meets Green- hmmm- the color of money […]