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Easy Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but as the holiday season ramps up, so does holiday stress. Here are some ways to help you feel merry this year. Give yourself a little something. There are tons of sales out there; treat yourself to something you’ve been eyeing instead of putting it on your […]

Vote for Safe Cosmetics !

 With the election in full swing wherever we look, we couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon with this week’s theme. Although the theme is tongue in cheek, the underlying message isn’t! Choosing safe cosmetics is important- as the green scene gains in popularity, greenwashing becomes more commonplace.  With that in mind, we recently shot a documentary segment on safe […]

Palin By Comparison

Hello all, In a week where la Palina topped every poll imaginable, and then some, we are left wondering how we can legitimately work her name into our title. Suddenly we see: she’s over 40 and therefore fair fodder for this week’s topic — chosen well before Palin took the floor…Anti-aging! Perfect! Politics is so often stressful, […]