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Win What You Love: A Beautorium blog giveaway!

This week, we’re launching our first-ever Beautorium blog giveaway. We’ll be giving away 5 Beautorium products to 5 lucky readers!


Face Fare: Lucky Foods for the New Year

Each year, to celebrate the New Year and to help improve the chances that the next year will be a great one, people worldwide eat specific foods that have traditionally been considered lucky. Although the foods vary, many of them have health benefits beyond just luck—so much so that you can often find them in […]

5 Trends for Fall Makeup

This week, we’ve got the scoop on what’s hot in makeup for fall. Summer’s glowing, sun-kissed shades are being replace with edgy, stark looks with a bright pop of color, including pale faces with heavily accented eyes or fire engine red lips—think statement makeup. There’s no room for hesitation this season! The eyes have it. […]

Spotlight: Afterglow Glow Kit (Light)

We’ve tried mineral make-up before, from the specialty brands to the drugstore brands, so we were intrigued to do an Afterglow Cosmetics review; we took the Glow Kit for a test drive to see how it would compare. Afterglow Cosmetics founder Kristen Adams is allergic to (almost) everything, and therefore demands that her makeup be […]

Glow Natural: Extend Your Sun-Kissed Look Into Fall

We can hardly believe it, but the last of the summer’s tomatoes will soon be eaten, and there’s less than a month of summer left. Before long, it will be time to pull out your sweaters and boots (and hats and gloves and scarves)—but don’t mourn the loss of your summertime glow just yet! We’ve […]

9 Secrets to Traveling Pretty

Whether you’re taking a redeye to a Monday morning meeting or a luxurious cruise through the Mediterranean, you want to look your best, even after hours of travel. Believe it or not, it’s possible to look fresh, even when you have to pack light or adhere to the airlines’ strict security policies. We’ve gathered nine […]

11 Organic Beauty Experts Who Tweet!

If you’ve been avoiding the Twitter craze, here’s a great reason to reconsider: there are a lot of great, green-minded companies, celebrities, and people that are using Twitter to connect with each other. Why not follow some fellow eco-friendly people and get a peek into their lives? We’ve put together a list of 11 top […]

Holiday Food & Skin: Six Natural Table Traditions That Work Skin Miracles Too

One  of the  big beauty trends  set to continue in 2009 is the cross-over of ingredients from food to skincare, says Mintel, a big research agency that’s up on such things.  Funny that should be considered a trend, as it was also very prevalent in ancient times. People tended to use the same ingredients  on their tables and […]

Green Lipstick in a Red Economy

They say that Lipstick is a key economic indicator, and that every time the the unemployment rate rises 1%, lipstick sales increase by $25m. Don’t just take my word for it- here’s the source:  If the unemployment rate rises, one would expect demand for all goods and services to decrease, but in fact, the opposite is […]

Mineral Make-Up: All that Glitters is not Gold…..

 MINERAL MAKE-UP RISE: MASS MARKET MANIA   Today I spoke with John from Supermarket News (he interviewed me as a “background expert’) about the rise and rise of mineral make-up.  Unlike the Dow, the only way here, it seems, is up!  According to Datamonitor, say my notes from John, there have been 642 new facial and eye […]