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Win What You Love: A Beautorium blog giveaway!

This week, we’re launching our first-ever Beautorium blog giveaway. We’ll be giving away 5 Beautorium products to 5 lucky readers!

Barry Bestowed Upon by Organic Beauty Expert

Beautorium’s own Barry , the British bloke, was recently chosen to proffer up the male point of view for none other than the O.B.E., a.k.a. Andrea Kane, the  Organic Beauty Expert– one of the first and best green bloggers around.  By the way, does Andrea know that O.B.E. also stands for “Order of the British Empire?” It’s […]

Notes on Scents: Natural vs Synthetic Fragrance

  A lovely journalist from Natural Health Magazine asked me recently about the difference between natural and synthetic fragances. Here’s the scoop: Natural fragrances are based on essential oils which come from plants or animals (we only offer those from plants, of course!). Plant-based oils have been used in perfumes for thousands of years, starting with the […]

Stressbusters : Five Green Ways to Relax.

Let’s face it. The last few days have been stressful no matter which political fence you sit on or  economic field you plow. Congress confabulates.  Dow dives. Leaders lose it. And mean while credit goes crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, all the way home! So- time to seek refuge. Where Green meets Green- hmmm- the color of money […]